Synthetic Urine Reviews #1 Question -  Does Synthetic Urine Work?

Does Synthetic Urine Work is the big question right ?  Well guys I am not going to sit here and write all these scientific terms as you may find to explain why synthetic urine does work.  This may surprise you but the question is not does synthetic urine work but the real question is this.  Is the company I am buying Synthetic Urine from legitimate?

You have to understand that with synthetic urine being a huge industry for distributors that there will be some who are greedy and will try and create there own brand of synthetic urine rather than spending a little bit of extra money to manufacture it and give you what you deserve which is  clean urine that will pass a drug test for marijuana.  So in other words what I am trying to say is that YES synthetic urine does work but some companies that sell the stuff will sell you urine that does not work and that is a FACT. I’ve been scammed before and there’s only one place that I trust which is Clear Test.


When taking a urine drug test in the US there are a few things that they will look for in your urine sample.  First off they are going to obviously check the temperature to make sure it is body temperature.  Obviously if the synthetic urine is extremely hot or it is too cold then you will fail right off the bat (So this is in your Hands not the company you buy the synthetic urine from).  They will also check the pH balance as well as the creatinine levels and as long as those are correct you will pass.

Again if you are purchasing the synthetic urine through a legit company then all those issues are none to be concerned with.  If you buy synthetic urine through a trusted company like clear test dot com then you will not fail… Me and my friends have passed with their urine several times.

Now before talking about where to buy synthetic urine lets talk about…

How To Use Synthetic Urine Without Getting Caught!

Now when shopping for synthetic urine you will find that it comes in a 2oz bottle or a 4oz bottle, a couple heating pads, and a heating strip to make sure that the synthetic urine is body temperature.  The one that I had purchased came in a 4oz bottle which you can find if you click there —–> Synthetic Urine.

Now for me personally I didn’t want to risk

Failing My Drug Test…

Because of the fact that the synthetic urine was too cold or too hot.  So I also purchased the urinator which is well worth it if you are trying to keep your job or get a job that is important to you and that is why I bought this thing in a heart beat….. .  The reason this thing basically..

Synthetic Urine and the Urinator Is Guaranteed to Pass any Urine Drug Test  Because…

The Urinator is essentially a belt that you wrap around your waste under your jeans and even your boxers or briefs if you want to be extra safe… But anyway the synthetic urine is in a bag that is connected to the belt which is also connected to a Duracell Battery which will warm up the clean urine for (LASTS 4 Hours) and you will not have to worry about it being the right temperature.  Not only that I liked this thing because I still have it and I can use it again if I ever need to, PLUS another thing I liked about the urinator is that sometimes when you are taking a urine drug test they will stand behind you to make sure you do not take anything out of your pockets…  Well with this it has a straw that came out through my zipper which makes it look like I am just taking a pee naturally. Synthetic Urine

So if you decide to avoid paying a little extra just know that you are risking the fact that you will have to pull out a bottle of urine which will obviously not fly if they are standing behind you.  But if you go in the bathroom alone then the Synthetic Urine is all You need <——– Click there to get it.

If you decide to buy the urinator like I did you can get it from the same guys.  One thing I will tell you that I liked about was the fact they have been around for over 12 years and more importantly when I called them they were extremely friendly, they answered all my questions, and they told me what products are best for the type of drug test I was taking which as you know was a urine test.  So not only have they been around forever which means you can actually trust them.  But you can pick up the phone and talk to a live person rather than these scammers who hide behind there computer and you can never reach a live person.

Well guys I hope you enjoyed my synthetic urine reviews page and I hope this answered any questions you had.  If you have any questions that were not answered from this page or from my experience with the synthetic urine that I bought then just call the guys I got all the stuff from.  Here is there # 800-248-5655 and there Website is

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Good Luck on Passing your Drug Test :)